Yep! Product Terms and Conditions

  • Prices Advertised or Quoted

    All product prices advertised or quoted by Yep platform does not include VAT and the prices will be adjusted to include VAT at the point of payment. For billing purposes, the statement will show the total amount inclusive of 15% VAT. That is, the total amount of VAT, the price excluding VAT and the price inclusive of VAT.

  • Transaction Currency

    All products sold to advertisers on Yep! are to be paid for, in full, in ZAR (South African Rands).

  • Yep! Pricing Review

    As Yep! continues to evolve and improve, product price review is beginning of April of every financial year. This means that the new prices will become effective on your May billing date. The increase will be between 6% -12%, depending on the product. The increase applies and affects all orders placed beginning of April or per contract term. All products on our Yep Marketplace Platform will reflect the new prices.

  • Yep! Refund Policy

    All products and services on Yep! are rendered “as is”. The transaction takes place between the customer and the service provider. Yep! only develops and operates a platform with a directory of service providers of various trades where customers can connect to such service providers. Yep! takes no responsibility for the service offered by the service provider, and no refunds will be issued by Yep.