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18Connor Road, Chasedene, Pietermaritzburg 3201, KwaZulu-Natal

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We founded the company in 2015 as a rebrand as a result of a company we had purchased. We immediately expanded from a company that provided services locally, to a company that provides services Nationwide

Due to the knowledge, experience and recognition we have had in the financial and businesses industry, we have identified the gap in our industry market for our type of service and the additional services we could offer that no other company can do.

We had seen that many companies make use of various service providers for different service areas in the financial side of their business, or manage these functions internally with staff who are not trained or experienced in this field.

We then decided to have collections as a core function, but to also offer additional services to the corporates who require additional services, as well as the small companies (SMME) who do not always have the financial means to employ additional staff, or pay the individual companies for the other tasks they require, as most well established and large organizations come at an extremely high price tag.

We then incorporated all of our financial services, being debt collection (our core) but also then provided invoicing, debtor management and business management services to our clients. We have done so with great success, and due to all the services being offered within one company, we are able to do it in a cost effective and extremely affordable way which suits our client’s budgets. Some even say we are too cheap!

The gap in the market was also open for a different type and style of collections company. Call it a collections company with a twist, if you like. A different approach to debt management and collection, and a different approach on business - Excellent results and super fast service - LITERALLY! We are a company that calls back when we say we will call you back, and when a query is logged, it is concluded in record time. This, of course, makes our clients and our debtors extremely happy.

We are able to build strong relationships with our clients and our client’s clients, even after our clients have done the handover for the debt collection (which normally leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the debtor).

Our success is of such high standard, and our service of such excellence, that we have even had handed over clients who we have had to deal with sign up with us and become clients!

Yes. Some of our handed over matters by our clients are even self employed business owners or executives in corporate companies, who have been so impressed with the way we have treated them and dealt with their matters, that they have also joined our client base.

They were even more surprised when we showed them when we take on their work, and they have seen the success rates and the increase in their revenue.

So it is ultimately our day to day business operations, our goals, our attitudes and our incredible team of staff (we call them all family), that set us apart from our competitors - in a big way!

Our clients are our number one priority, and so are our client’s clients. We are able to 98% of the time, preserve the relationship our clients have with their clients. What bigger difference can we make? Increase your revenue and keep your client happy? A definate win-win! We do not know of any other companies that have that effect and impact.

We strive for service excellence and great results and we believe in customer service. All of this is achieved with our exceptionally trained and skilled staff, who are professionals in the field. We also believe in constant training and courses to improve and develop our staff. Empowering and developing the skills of our staff is one of our most important goals.

We only bill, in our collection, our clients a reasonable (10-15%) collection commission upon successful collection, which is also far less than our competitors (25 to sometimes 40%) in the ordinary course of business. All our costs are billed to the debtor handed over, as per the legislation.

This makes us the fastest, most efficient, effective and most affordable collections service provider in the industry.

Our other services consisting of invoicing, debtor account management and our “practice management and billing” (mostly for our medical professionals and medical service providers) is billed on a billing scale which is discussed with our clients. We run these services on basis of the volume the client requires, the actions the client requires as well as the budget the client has for these services. Once we commence with the service, our clients see a general revenue increase within the first 30 days.

We have told you that our clients are our number one priority, and they are! We are very adaptable to our clients, their needs and their requirements as well as their budget. We always ensure that we understand our client’s business, as we believe we cannot provide a quality service on basis of “general”. The better we understand you and your business, the better we are able to adapt and solutions that truly work, hence our great success.


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18Connor Road, Chasedene, Pietermaritzburg 3201, KwaZulu-Natal


Services on offer

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Debt Collection and Recovery

Debt Collection and Recovery on a no success no fee basis. We bill all our charges to your debtor and only bill you a collection commission of 15% on successful collection

Collection Commission of 15% upon successful collection. : From R 1

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Debtor Account Management

We are able to Invoice and bill as well as manage your monthly debtors in-house to ensure that payment arrangements and payments are made as a pre collections function.

Per account, Negotiable. : From R 50

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Tracing and Tracing Field Agents

We find debtors who have absconded from their obligations, changed numbers, changed addresses.

Per Service : From R 75


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